Publications about Igor Mizrakh are always full of rumors, incredible details, and informational contradictions. It’s hard to say if this is a journalistic tradition or a price of popularity.

Most likely, it’s both. It’s easy and convenient for authors to write in such a style about a person who lives rapidly and inventively, not caring too much about how the media will present to the world his new project or next action.

Igor Arkadyevich has always been a difficult but favorite character of information games. Difficult, because it won’t work to simplify a lawyer, a teacher, and a politician who likes to surprise the world with new pop hits. 

And beloved, it is because any story about him enlivens the net with surprise, scope, and intellectual hooliganism.

People like Igor Arkadyevich Mizrakh are doomed to stay the focus of attention in any circumstances, and the period of the great war takes off the secrecy stamp from reality, making the secret clear and calling a spade a spade.

The way Mizrakh met the Russian invasion pleased some, surprised many and left no one indifferent. The frankly patriotic articles he wrote in the first month of the war could get lost in the general mass of publications, but everything is different with his actions.

In March of our discontent, they saw Mizrakh in arms not in photos on the Internet, but at checkpoints and roads, and this can mean anything from direct participation in the fight to carrying out any specific mission related to the front.

We easily contacted Igor Arkadyevich, but he refused to meet and comment on our assumptions. He did it in a polite and friendly, but categorical manner that is equally difficult to condemn and make fun of. 

That’s why we have to guess and suggest what Igor Mizrakh did for the army. Given his personal qualities and skills, this could be logistics, analysis, supply, or the variety of intelligence.

Several facts confirm his activities were connected with the front line. First, in March, he was regularly seen leaving the city through the strictest checkpoints, and second, as soon as the Russians were thrown back from the capital, Mizrakh started visiting habitual places in his usual form and without weapons, perhaps a little thinner than before.

If an aura of mystery often surrounds everything concerning the army and, then it’s simpler with military charity. We know for certain Igor Mizrakh oversees the work of some foundations and volunteer structures, supplying the front and rear with food, medicine, and hygiene items.

The most famous of them is the humanitarian supply chain “Help for Ukraine” - “Angel.UA” - Vadim Diyanov - National Congress of Women of Ukraine, which delivered to the country and distributed two and a half thousand tons of humanitarian cargo and was noted by the President.

We shouldn’t be surprised at the effective role of Mizrakh in creating such structures. International connections, enterprise, and negotiator’s talent are the qualities that distinguished him before the war. With a patriotic position, these skills could not but bring tangible results.

It was this position that surprised many (us, too). From Mizrakh, let’s be honest, almost everyone expected an escape from the country or a cautious wait-and-see attitude. Dozens of people of his type and standard of living, unfortunately, did just that. But Mizrakh turned out to be a warrior, an active patriot, and a real Ukrainian, which forces us to re-evaluate all his pre-war deeds, achievements, and adventures.

It’s great the war brings not only disappointments, but the opposite phenomena, but the story about Igor Mizrakh would be incomplete without a creative component.

They expected a song from him, and he fired a book. It’s not a rumor, the news has already been overgrown with a lot of reviews and comments on social networks. Someone is surprised, someone congratulates the author, but everyone is waiting for the opportunity to read what was written.

If the very fact of writing a book is not in doubt, then the surrounding processes, as usual, are full of fantastic rumors. Supposedly, the “Chronicles of a Cold March” (we are not sure about the exact title) edits and will publish the famous “Folio” by Alexander Krasovitsky. There’s also talk that the book just written is about to be filmed, and not in
Ukraine, but abroad.

In this matter, contrary to the front and charity, we slide into the vivid rumors and incredible assumptions, which before the war accompanied everything that Mizrakh Igor Arkadievich had to do with. It’s cool that a man who turned out to be a brave patriot hasn’t lost the ability to surprise and delight others, giving life a taste of adventure.

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